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Pulsation Flowmeter – Watermeter

  • Simple construction, same length for all diameters and pressures.
  • The mechanism that creates the pulses can be easily removed or fixed at the pipeline.
  • The propeller inside the water meter is only 10-15mm and therefore does not block the flow and does not create problems during the hammer shock phase.
  • The propeller position assures long endurance for long lasting operation, due to the limitation of the axial forces and therefore minimal flow friction.
  • The traverse propeller requires limited force to rotate, which means that a simple propeller is adequate to guarantee quick and repeating rotation and long operation life.
  • The pulsation flowmeter can also measure speed since it indicates the instant quantity of the water flow.
  • Full bore without the slightest pressure loss [loss diagram].
  • Light weight
  • It is not affected by surge waves.
  • Long life due to the small weight of the propeller 5,5gr.
  • Simple and easily understood indications
  • The pulses enable the correct and accurate chlorination.
  • Transfers data to another location through wires or wireless.
  • Enables the operation of many pumps based on the consumption needs.
  • In case of external interventions the flow meter measures based on time or can shut off the pump or the electrical valve.
  • The electronic system can be installed away form the flowmeter body.
  • Constant availability of spare parts and technical support.
  • Can be installed at any position and reprogrammed with new data.
  • High measurement accuracy with divergence 0,25% , especially when the installation is done according to the manufacturer’s instructions and conditions of proper function.
  • Both ways of flow direction.
  • Water tight sensor having no contact with the water.
  • The head can be easily replaced in one minute.


It is equipped with:

  • pulses output
  • frequencly output
  • output 4-20mA
  • digital clock

Technical review

Sizes: DN50 up to DN1200 Pressure: PN10, PN16, PN25, PN40 Materials: Body  Ductile Iron GGG DIN1693/EN1563 Steel GS 45-St 37