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Air Relief Valves Tripple Function AS-А-200

The quality demands of hydraulic networks constructors, as well as GEMAK’s target to offer products of high quality and technology, lead to the study and manufacture of this new type air relief valve. It is a combination of a kinetic and automatic air relief valve. Simple, with only one chamber, much more lighter than the already existed, easy to use and with a perfect performance, secures an absolute balance and a steady operation of the network. Air could be helpful in cases of high depression or during the evacuation of the line from water, but it causes many problems when entrapped into the piping of the system.The entrapped air into the systems of the water distribution,

  • Causes decrease of the flow, loss of pressure and in cases of low pressure, total flow break.
  • Accelerates the corrosion of the piping system.
  • Is the cause of inaccuracies of the flow meters.
  • Causes breaks to the pipes during the over pressure due to hammer-shock.
  • Increases the cavitations risks.
  • Causes abrupt changes to the pressure with damaging results.


Air relief valve type AS – A – 200 has the following advantages:

  • Only one chamber for the function of the floaters.
  • Light weight.
  • Simple operation
  • Easy to use
  • Resistance to high pressures up to 40atm.
  • No leakage at all
  • It never blocks
  • It can be used at light constructions due to its light weight .
  • More air release holes
  • A filter can fitted at the entrance
  • No maintenance required.



The Air relief valve type AS-A-200 is a combination of a kinetic and an automatic air relief valve. During the filling of the network, the air of the pipeline is released through the chamber and the exit orifice (fig.1) When the water level starts rising and pressure is 0,5atm, the floater a’ rises and closes the exit orifice. It remains to this position while there is pressure in the system, (fig.2) The automatic air relief vale starts functioning when air bubbles appear. These bubbles are going out form the holes of the floater a’ (fig.3). During the evacuation of the network and when the pressure decreases to the minimum, the floaters fall down due to their weight (fig.1) and the orifice of the air valve is released. The system is filled with air, which protects the pipeline from damages cause by the negative pressure.

Phase 1 During the filling of the network, the air existing inside the pipes is released through the chamber and te exit orifice.

Phase 2 The water raises the floaters and the orifice is closed by floater a.

Phase 3 The air bubbles appeared in the upper part of the chamber displace floater b and escape through the holes of floater a.

Recommendations for Installation of the Air Relief Valves on the network. In order to achieve balance and correct function of the network, it is recommended to install the air valves at the following points: On rising mains to the direction form the pumps to the tank. To the local peaks to the system At the transition points and particularly before and after steel slopes. At the exit of the mains form the pumping networks, in order to release the air coming from the pumps Every 500 meters along the pipeline of long slope or flat surface Right after the pipe exit format eh underground pump.

Technical specifications

Sizes: DN50-DN80-DN100-DN150-DN200

Working pressure: PN10-PN16-PN25-PN40

Working temperature:-15oC up to +80oC

Technical data

BODY: Ductile iron GGG40 DIN1693

COVER Upon request: Steel St-45 or GGG40 DIN1693

SEALING DISK Ductile Irong GGG40, DIN1693, Upon request: St 45 or INOX 1.4021, X20Cr13


VALE SEAT Phosphorous bronze RG5 ASTM B21, Upon request: stainless steel AISI316

STEAM Stainless steel code nr.1.4021, Χ20Cr13

SPRING Spring stainless steel DIN 17223

BEARING Phosphorous bronze RG5 ASTM B21

TIGHTENING BOLTSStainless steel ΑΙSI 304 DIN933




DN PN10 PN16
50 130,00 134,00
80 185,00 185,00
100 244,00 244,00
150 1039,00 1068,00
200 1118,00 1192,00

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