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Diphragmatic Irrigation Hydrants

The problems involved with the irrigation and water distribution net work lead GEMAK to the study and construction of a new type of hydrant which combines simplicity and easy operation. This new type of hydrant can effect the safe operation as well as the stability to the network.

Gemak’s new types of hydrant, AS-E of one or two orifice, can also operate manually by two little gate valves or by an electromagnetic valve. A pilot can also be installed to regulate the pressure to the entrances of the valve, for the best operation of the net work.

The specially studied piston (Gemak’s patent) inside the hydrant, has an original configuration and effects stability, low losses and regular operation without damages, due to the high resistive material used.


  • Irrigation
  • Water supply networks
  • Firefighting systems

Technical review

Pressure : ΡΝ10, ΡΝ16

Optional Accessories

  • Flow Limiter
  • Pressure reducer
  • Adaptor type PERROT
  • Anti freezing protection

Technical specifications

1. Body – Ductile Iron GGG40-50 DIN 1693/ ΕΝ 1563

2. Cover – Ductile Iron GGG40-50 DIN 1693 

3. Orifice – Ductile Iron GGG40-50 DIN 1693 /ΕΝ 1563

4. Diaphragm - Nylon reinforced Neoprene

5. Actuator Piston - Ductile Iron GGG40-50 or Carbon steel GS45 or Brass or Aluminium

6. Sealing flange – EPDM

7. Piston base – Ductile iron GGG40/50 or Carbon steel GS45 or Brass or Aluminium

8. Bolts-Nuts – Stainless steel DIN 931-DIN 934

9. Spring – Spring stainless steel